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Specializing in Workers' Compensation
30 years of experience serving employee rights and the cause of workplace justice in matters of • Wrongful Discharge • Wage/Overtime • Sexual Harassment • Discrimination based on Disability • Age • Race • Sexual Orientation • FMLA • Severance Review/Negotiations • Unemployment Appeals • Workplace Bullying • Workers' Compensation • SSI/SSDI • Union Negotiations and More.


Employment Law and Workplace Issues in Providence, Rhode Island

The Law Office of Stephen T. Fanning in Providence, Rhode Island, is proud to be your representative for any matter involving employment law, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, workplace bullying, retaliation, whistle blower, unemployment compensation appeals, workers' compensation benefits, social security benefits, union negotiations and more.
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Employment Law

Have you been the victim of offensive touching, inappropriate remarks, subject to a hostile work environment or demeaned in the workplace based on your gender? Have you been treated different from your co-workers due to your race, age, because you have a disability, or because your employer perceives you as being disabled? Have you reported conduct at work that you believed to be illegal or against company policy and are now being ostracized or retaliated against in the workplace? These are just some of the examples of the clients that our office consults with and works with every day. We believe that every individual should be able to go to a workplace where they are treated equal, feel safe, and are able to take pride in what they do.

The first step is to come into our office for a consultation so that we can evaluate the specific facts of your case to develop a plan that best addresses your needs and objectives. Often times, this entails filing a Charge of Discrimination with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights or other administrative agency, or filing a complaint in state or federal court. Our office has extensive experience working with these agencies and courts and in resolving these matters through negotiated settlement.

Unemployment Compensation Appeals

Have you been terminated, laid-off, or voluntarily left your job? You may be entitled to unemployment compensation. Our office can help you file your initial claim and assist you if you have been denied benefits. We will consult with you, prepare appeal documents and represent you at any and all stages of the appeal process. Many employees are wrongfully misled to believe that it is their employer that makes the decision if they are eligible for benefits. With our assistance, hundreds of employees have been awarded benefits despite their employer's opposition.

Workers' Compensation and Injury Matters

Have you been injured or become sick on the job? You may be entitled to state workers' compensation benefits. Our attorneys are experienced in evaluating your claim, interacting with the employer's insurer and their attorneys, filing all necessary paperwork on your behalf, and apprising you of your rights under the workers' compensation law. There are many benefits that you may be entitled to including but not limited to medical expenses, temporary total benefits, permanent disability benefits,scarring and dependency benefits. It is important to speak to an attorney to know all of your options and rights and to be fully represented throughout the workers' compensation process.
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